Nordaq water solutions for the hotel, restaurant and food and beverage industry

Nordaq water is available through the following environment-tailored dispense solutions:

Countertop water filter system

The Nordaq countertop water filter system can be located front-of-house on the bar or at the back of the bar, or back-of-house in the kitchen, allowing you to offer filtered water freshly bottled in front of customers or behind the scenes.

Outstanding quality and an eco-friendly alternative for a cleaner planet – installed in your bar or restaurant

  • Suitable for small and medium-sized restaurants and bars
  • Capacity to create 150 litres of still or sparkling water per hour
  • Cooler and tap combined and placed on the counter
  • Filter and CO2 are mounted under the counter

Nordaq filtered water is dispensed into beautiful, reusable glass bottles, which you can seal at source – on-site at your venue.

Nordaq in the kitchen opens excellent opportunities to enhance your food and drink offering – many top chefs use Nordaq water as an ingredient, instead of any other water. In some cases, restaurants now use Nordaq for the cleaning of food and dishes.

Banquet and conferencing

Serving filtered water, of consistent quality and temperature, in a time and cost-effective manner at conferences and large events is not easy – but the Nordaq Banquet water dispenser system offers a perfect solution.

The Banquet system is mobile – so you can take your Nordaq production anywhere!

The optimal water dispenser system for larger events, Nordaq Banquet’s benefits include:

  • Easy filtered water service for banquets, conferencing and large events
  • Exists in two different capacities: 280 litres per hour or 150 litres per hour
  • Filter, cooler and CO2 can be placed under a counter or mounted in a cabinet
  • Facility to pre-fill and cap


It’s an easy-to-use and portable water dispenser system – simply fill up the water tank within, and the taps will dispense freshly filtered Nordaq.

The unit is set on robust caster wheels so it can be moved easily into place at an event, or even moved around a venue – allowing you to filter and serve water to guests, table-side, at optimum temperatures.

Nordaq will enhance your event – its palate cleansing qualities are a point of fascination and an excellent conversation starter. If you’re serving food and wine, Nordaq improves the taste experience of your guests – as they sample the true flavours on offer.

Better quality, better return

As the Banquet system is not a fixed installation, it is ideal both for venues, such as hotels, and companies working in the conferencing, catering and events sectors. As such, any companies that routinely serve or supply water at large events will find that Nordaq represents both a higher quality and more profitable option to their current offering.

Grab and go self-service

Nordaq Grab & Go is a self-service filtered water system, providing bottled water which comes with BPA-free plastic bottles to fill and refill.

Nordaq Grab & Go is the perfect match for hotels. Guests greatly appreciate units located in gyms, spa and pool areas, dining and conference rooms, hotel rooms, and in the foyer – so they can take a Nordaq bottle out with them during the day.

Some of our recent hotel and restaurant clients also see the Grab & Go solution as an ideal means of providing their valued employees with the opportunity to enjoy the product and remain hydrated throughout the working day. We are also beginning to see premium coffee houses and patisserie/delicatessen outlets installing the Grab & Go solution for customers – encouraging them to switch to a reusable water bottle and building customer loyalty at the same time.

Built for the leisure and hospitality market, benefits of the Nordaq Grab & Go system include:

  • Guests fill and refill their bottles themselves
  • Nordaq provides BPA-free bottles that can be machine-washed and reused
  • The Nordaq Grab & Go bottled water system creates increased revenue and margins and is a whole new profit centre for your venue