It started with a wish - to offer pure, fresh, environmentally-friendly water

Nordaq is the eco-friendly alternative to bottled water that’s like no water you’ve ever tasted.

Nordaq water allows you to experience food and drink with a clear palate – so you can experience the true flavours. Drinking the water between mouthfuls makes every flavour stand out, and it’s a revelation for wine tasting.

Nordaq was created to address not only the cost and logistical effort required in supplying and serving mineral water and bottled water at restaurants and hotels, but also the flavour-masking preservatives that these waters contain to give them a practical shelf-life.

The Nordaq water filter system allows you to produce both still and sparkling water on-site, as local tap water passes through proprietary, patented Nordaq water filters. The globally-patented technology eradicates all impurities and undesirable flavours within local tap water, but at the same time retains its natural salts and minerals. The resulting water can then be dispensed and served in beautiful glass and crystal bottles that can be cleaned and re-used, over and over again.

The unique process creates crystal clear water, with taste enhancing-properties. Trust us when we say, “food and wine will never taste the same” – many of the world’s top chefs and sommeliers agree. Nordaq has been chosen by some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants across 20 countries, and not just for drinking but also for food preparation. This is because the preservatives in both mineral and tap water are undesirable for many uses. Chefs choose to use Nordaq filtered water in their cooking, as an ingredient, and even for the washing of food and dishes.

Our technology enables the quality of Nordaq water to surpass that of mineral water and can demand an identical price point – turning water into a profit centre for a business. We know that transportation of mineral water, thousands of miles from source, and single-use plastic and glass bottles, cause considerable logistical, financial and environmental concern. With Nordaq, there are no more deliveries and disposals handling – freeing up time and money, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Watch the video below to see what Australian chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter, Neil Perry, says about Nordaq water.