Nordaq premium water enters the UK market

Introduced by Sweden, Nordaq is the premium water brand promising to make food and wine taste sensational.

Nordaq is a premium water brand being used by many of the world’s top chefs and hoteliers, due to its palate cleansing abilities, environmental concern and logistical excellence. The product is already being used in 20 countries, and has recently been introduced to the UK market. Within the UK, a handful of hotels and restaurants are already using the Nordaq filtered water system. All chefs that have adopted the product agree that “food and drink will never taste the same”.

Nordaq places high emphasis on being an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water. The Nordaq product works around a patented water filter, which transforms ordinary local tap water into luxury water with no impurities. Nordaq water is proven to cut clients’ costs in terms of logistics, staff and waste, as the product can be bottled on-site. This eliminates the need for single-use plastics, as glass bottles can be easily cleaned and re-used.

Within the UK, the sole distributor of Nordaq is Moor H20. Peter Smeaton of Moor H20 confirms that there is a need in the hospitality industry to reduce costs and logistics, and increase environmental concern. Peter says, “Most premium water is shipped from outside the UK, and this causes an issue in terms of logistics. This is why Nordaq offers a more complete solution, reducing costs and helping the environment in the long term.”

Bringing Nordaq to the UK means that many hospitality establishments can start to act on the increasingly important issue of environmental sustainability.

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