Your Nordaq Experience

When we say that Nordaq is a ‘taste sensation’, we are talking about what it does for food and wine. Request a Nordaq Experience to truly appreciate what makes Nordaq the stand-out premium water of choice for the world’s best chefs and sommeliers.

The quality of food and wine is tainted by unclean palates and water filled with unwanted impurities and preservatives that are necessary to extend the shelf-life of normal bottled water. Nordaq is made on-site, shortly before consumption, without the use of such impurities.

Nordaq doesn’t enhance flavour – flavour is dictated by you. It’s the choice of ingredients. It’s the choice of preparation. It’s the choice of seasoning. Nordaq enhances your ability to taste the flavours of your food or wine. If your choice of water is Nordaq, you’ll be tasting in the purest way possible.

The best way to communicate what Nordaq can do, is to bring it to you. A Nordaq Experience allows you to sample your own food and wine with the palate-cleansing properties of Nordaq water. It’s a chance for you to see just what your customers could be missing out on and the profit centre that Nordaq could represent.

Water as a profit centre for your business

Bottled water places a considerable logistical burden upon restaurants and hotels that must order in, store, and dispose of, an inordinate number of bottles. Those venues that bottle water on-site can benefit from significant savings in logistics and labour costs associated with the movement of bottles into and out of their premises.

As part of your Nordaq Experience, you’ll be able to discuss the full range of benefits that Nordaq can offer your business, such as simplifying the logistics of your water service and the reduction in environmental impact. You’ll also be able to ask about the system – how it works, how it would work in your premises and how it would deliver return on investment.

To book your Nordaq Experience and find out how you can turn water into a profit centre for your business, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange a date that suits you.

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