Reduce your environmental impact

At Nordaq, we created a product “for a superior taste and a clean planet”. Single-use plastics have become a hot topic in recent times and the impact of viral content on the subject, such as David Attenborough’s piece on single-use plastics on 2017’s Blue Planet II, has certainly kicked awareness into high gear.

Then there’s the miles this water has travelled to reach the dinner table, to be considered, as many premium waters are shipped from countries far from the UK. Water is the last drink we need to ‘bottle’ and the last consumable product we should be shipping across continents.

We see no reason to be bottling water on an industrial scale, when we can produce Nordaq filtered water on-site, at the point of use, and provide a product that is far superior to existing bottled water.

Restaurants, hotel chains and the food and beverage industry as a whole are all looking for alternatives to plastic bottles, following a seismic shift in the plastic consciousness of their customers, the general public.

What’s the alternative to single-use plastic water bottles? Some might simply respond “use glass”, but many companies do this already and, in our eyes, this is simply swapping one single-use method for another. Nordaq can do much better than that.

That’s why we prefer reusable over recyclable, and there’s an important difference. As great and as vital as recycling is, it’s simply not happening – not to the extent that we all need – 90% of the plastic bottles the planet is using are currently not being recycled.

Nordaq is served from reusable glass bottles, which stay within a venue and are reused time and time again, with no damage to the integrity of the vessel – these are the environmentally-friendly option. Reusable means less bottles being produced, less bottles to reach landfill and less bottles putting pressure on public recycling facilities.

Nordaq doesn’t just utilise glass – there are reusable plastic bottles too. Nordaq Grab & Go provides the leisure and hospitality industries with a premium water where customers do not require a new bottle every time they need a drink. Instead, they are given a high quality reusable sports bottle which they can fill and refill with Nordaq filtered water.